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Murderer’s house

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You play characters of detectives sniffing a Long Island serial killer. You are penetrating his house. High realism and brutality. Only for people with strong nerves.


Serial killer has prowled on the island of Long Island. He has most probably kidnapped and bestially killed over 10 women. Shannon Gilbert was kidnapped. The police organised on a large scale rescue action. Unfortunately it has brought no results as for now. anonymous informant has called the detective agency, when you work, providing you with the information about the address of the murderer. You set off along to the indicated address.


Find Shannan Gilbert

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Price list

  • 2 people – ideal for couples120 zł/team
  • 3 people – the best experience140 zł/team
  • 4 people – teamwork160 zł/team
  • 5 people – best price180 zł/team
  • 6 people – big group210 zł/team