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Nazi Gold

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You play the role of agents of the Internal Security Agency, who have been ordered to check and verify rumors about a Nazi bunker full of gold. The atmosphere of war is realistically depicted. For people who are keen on adventure and meetings with history.


On the Eastern embankment of the Sleza Mountain, a group of tourists reported to the local Mountain Rescue Unit (GOPR) that they had witnessed a landslide. It had lead to creating a hole which made the dome of a concrete bunker visible. The army demined the entrance to the bunker and is now waiting for a team from Internal Security Agency. Their goal is to check whether the bunker really hides legendary Nazi Gold.


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“Affordable Mornings”

10 AM to 3 PM Monday – Friday

  • 2 people – ideal for couples80 zł/team
  • 3 people – the best experience100 zł/team
  • 4 people – teamwork120 zł/team
  • 5 people – best price140 zł/team
  • 6 people – big group160 zł/team
  • 7 people – very big group180 zł/team

“Evenings and Weekends”

3 PM to 11 PM on weekdays and Weekends

  • 2 people – ideal for couples140 zł/team
  • 3 people – the best experience160 zł/team
  • 4 people – teamwork180 zł/team
  • 5 people – best price210 zł/team
  • 6 people – big group240 zł/team
  • 7 people – very big group270 zł/team