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They become agents of the Internal Security Agency, who have orders to check rumors of a Nazi bunker full of gold. Faithfully devoted war’s climate. For people who like adventure and Meetings with history.


On the Eastern embankment of the Sleza Mountain, a group of tourists reported to the local Mountain Rescue Unit (GOPR) that they had witnessed the landslide. It had lead to creating a hole which made the dome of a concrete bunker visible. The army demined the entrance to the bunker and is now waiting for a team from Internal Security Agency. Their goal is to check whether there is a legendary Nazi Gold.


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  • 2 people – ideal for couples120 zł/team
  • 3 people – the best experience140 zł/team
  • 4 people – teamwork160 zł/team
  • 5 people – best price180 zł/team
  • 6 people – big group210 zł/team