Escape Room Warsaw – Black Cat Escape

We prepared an offer full of unique breath-taking escape rooms. Altogether we have 5 rooms in the centre of Warsaw for you, each one of them differently themed, but they have something special in common. It’s a fascinating story (mysterious job interview on the top of 14 story building; brutal serial killer, hunting women; the disappearance of a couple of Parisian artists; search for the legendary Nazi Gold; a blackmailer, threatening to reveal sex tapes) in beautiful scenery.

The Cursed Painting takes people to the world of Parisian boheme full of art and passionate emotions. The Murderer’s house is a masterpiece, soaking with blood and murder weapons. The Nazi Gold brings you the atmosphere of war and is full of history references. The Rooftop is an opened all-year-long outdoor room with a stunning panorama of Warsaw. Sex Room is stylised to be a room in a brothel. Choose your own room: the one that suits your character, interests and mood and we can guarantee you, that for 60 minutes you will be in a whole different world, full of emotions and entertainment. Take your beloved one or a group of friends with you and try to face the challenge together and escape the room.

Escape Room Warsaw

Games of this kind are called ‘live adventure’ – they can be compared to video games, just transferred to reality. In our rooms we can offer you various mysteries. We have logical, manual or text riddles and many puzzles awaiting. Fans of electronics will find something for themselves too. You will find plenty of padlocks, not so obvious solutions and passages you won’t even expect. Escape Room in Warsaw is a recipe for fun. Come to us and give us a chance to surprise you!

Escape Room Warsaw – entertainment for people at every age

Our rooms are tailor-made for players aged 8 or above, making it the perfect way to spend time with your family: take your kids and grandparents. Why? Escape room in Warsaw provides you with riddles and puzzles on different difficulty levels, so it’s optimal if you come in a group of maximum 6 people, but don’t worry – if there is more of you we have a solution too. You can always book all of the rooms at Black Cat Escape Room and divide into smaller groups, that can play in different rooms at the same time. Later, after the game you can spend some time on our Rooftop, which is not only a state-of-the-art escape room, but also a good place to lounge with your friends (almost like on a terrace of an exquisite coffee shop!)