Who I am?

My name is Łukasz Rynkowski, I am 27. I am the founder of the Black Cat Escape Room. It is a place where my dreams came truth. This place was founded thanks to my two passions: playing adventure games and exploring abandoned places (Urbex). From a young age I was a fan of “adventure games”. It is a genre of computer games, which takes on the character of the story. Exploring the world, solving puzzles and getting to know the details of history in which we participate i san essence of the game. The most important element of the game is narrative. I completed dozens of adventure games. This passion, although recently less cultivated recently, has significantly impacted my decision to establish the Black Cat Escape Room.

This is the best form of business I could imagine for a fan of adventure games. Opening the Escape Room is the process of transferring adventure game mechanics from the screen to the reality. Scott Nicholson – Canadian scientist who professionally studied the phenomenon of Escape Rooms classifies this type of an entertainment as “Live Adventure Game”. I did my best to make each game in the Black Cat as great as if it was tailor-made for that myself. My passion for adventure games and the inspiration from the people interested in my idea, from scientific articles, the desire to create entertainment that is also an intellectual challenge and not only an entertainment has allowed me to create really interesting puzzles and amazing stories.
My passions is also URBEX (from the words: Urban Exploration). It is visiting abandoned factories, apartment buildings, military units, channels. My love for this activity is a perfect example of the impact of urban planning, architecture for the development of human beings. I was raised in Bydgoszcz. During the Second World War the city was fortunately spared from total destruction. Thanks to it beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and vast majority architecturally interesting buildings were preserved. Bydgoszcz also housed many factories. Economic decline of the city in the 90s made the entire city a region of urbex exploration (with hundreds of neglected and abandoned factories). Over the first 20 years of my life I lived in a building which years ago functioned as a Theatre. This building hid abandoned theater halls, cafeteria, meeting places, prop warehouse.
So far, I worked as a pharmaceutical representative and account manager. I graduated in political science at the University of Warsaw, where he wrote for an A! work about communitarianism – initiating a sense of community in the society. I also intend to bring this idea to life thanks to my passion. When visitors feel my escape room’s community climate, when they feel the spirit of being part of something extraordinary, when they want to come back to it, I’ll feel really fulfilled and satisfied.


The Cat symbolizes the Sun, the Moon, witchcraft, devil, magic, darkness, death, divination, cruelty, rapacity, treachery, deceit, flattery, selfishness, perversion, infidelity, theft, pride, melancholy, irritability, sensitivity, restraint, comfort, luxury, domesticity, laziness, diligence, purity, grace, delicacy, longevity, fertility.

IN ANCIENT EGYPT the cat was a holy animal (in the third millennium BC) He was an attribute of the goddess Bast (pictured as a head of a cat or a cat itself) and a symbol of fertility, joy, happiness. The cat was a defender of the house, killing the cat was punished by death. After the cat’s death its corps was embalmed and the whole house was covered with grief.

IN MEDIEVAL EUROPE, a cat was a symbol of falsehood, hotbed of the devil, friend of whiches, a member of Sabbaths. Therefore, the cats were tortured, burned, mistreated to expel them from them the devil.

IN THE MUSLIM RELIGION black cat is believed to have seven lives and to have magical properties. The cat has feminine qualities: gentleness, softness, sensuality.

CAT BEHEMOT – ASSISTANT OF SATAN: The cat is an animal traditionally attributed to evil; in the novels it is named after the Hebrew meaning of a wild beast; in the Book of Job Behemoth is a monster; in Master and Margarita Behemoth is a buffoon and a page. In the final scene he transforms into a demon.

SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT – a thought experiment (thought experiment) with a hypothetical cat. In 1935, Erwin Schrödinger published a review of the current situation in quantum mechanics, in which he outlined his reasoning (thought experiment). Thus the cat of Schrödinger is simultaneously alive and dead. The experiment of Schrödinger’s cat is one of many ideas to create “gear” from the world of nano-objects (atomic scale) to the macroscopic world. Schrödinger invented a device acting on the cat enclosed in a container of poison (eg. poisonous gas). To a tight container it has to be put: a live cat, a radioactive source in a single atom that can emit ionizing radiation and a particle radiation detector (eg. Geiger-Müller) which – when it detects particles – releases poisonous gas. After closing the container, after a while, there is a 50% probability that the cat is dead and the same probability that it is still alive. If there is a radioactive decay and a counter registers it, a mechanism which releases the poison gets launched. Then the cat dies. If the decay does not occur, the animal still enjoys its life. From the quantum-mechanical description, however, something else gets cleared- before opening the container the cat is both dead and alive. As a quantum object, it is located simultaneously in every possible state (so-called „superposition”). It is so until opening of the container and checking its contents. Then only one state gets clear. In this case there are only two possible states – the cat is dead or alive.

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