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Offer designed for groups up to 30 players.

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Our offer:

Game in the escape rooms

Five amazing escape rooms
For up to 30 players we offer five rooms: Sex Room, Murderer’s House, Nazi Gold, Cursed Painting and the Rooftop.

Seductive Sex Room
It is the perfect escape room for this occasion. The extraordinary scenography, equipment and atmosphere full of humor and erotcism will live up to everybody’s expectations.

Terrace booking

A before party
We are located on the very top of 14-story building and have a 40 sq meter terrace with astonishing views. After you finish the game, we invite you to spend some time on our terrace, where you can relax and put yourself in good mood before the rest of this special night. The terrace is covered and heated, so you can use it all-year long. There are also sofas, chairs and tables.

Food and drinks
You can bring your own alcohol and food – we can provide you with glasses and plates, we also have a fridge so you can chill your drinks.

Striptease and other attractions.

Our terrace is the perfect place to spice things up a bit – you can watch a professional striptease show.

Other attractions
At your request we can hide a gift inside a room and make it a part of some puzzle or prepare other features – we are open minded!


  • There are two kinds of game. The basic one is a normal game in our rooms for up to 30 people at a time. When you choose the extended version you can also book our terrace for 1,5h right after the proper game. It’s up to you whether you want to come only to solve puzzles or also organize a before or after party. More details below.
  • For a group of maximum 10 people who want to play together we offer the Sex Room or the Rooftop (for 8 people). If the group is bigger or you simply don’t want to play in the mentioned room feel free to choose any other. You can also book more rooms and play simultaneously.
  • The price depends on the number of players: 160 PLN – 4 players, 180 PLN – 5 players, 210 PLN – 6 players, 240 PLN – 7 players (Sex Room and Rooftop only), 270 PLN – 8 players (Sex Room and Rooftop only), 300 PLN – 9 players (Sex Room only) and 330 PLN – 10 players (Sex Room only).
  • The terrace chillout for up to 18 people. The price for 1,5 hours is 500 PLN. During this time guests can relax and eat any food and drinks brought by you. We won’t charge you for bringing cake or other sweets, we can provide you with glasses, plates and ice, there is also a fridge available. You can see the photos at the bottom of this page. You have to book the terrace for right after your game (for example if you book the Sex Room for 17:30, then the terrace party starts at 18:45)
  • Striptease in the Sex Room (during your terrace reservation). The performance lasts about 25 minutes and the price is 500 PLN. The first 15 minutes is the show itself, and right after there is time for photos and conversation. All of the striptease artists are professionals in terms of their appearance and dancing. (See the dancers). Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to choose a specific person as their availability depends on their schedule.
  • We strongly recommend making a booking as early as possible to make sure that everything is available. In the spring/summer season we have lots of customers and the Sex Room is really sought-after!

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