We can organize Escape Room games for your company retreat

We offer escape room challenges not only in Warsaw, but also in any other location of your choice. Our game can be an unusual twist for your company retreat or conference and make it possible to mix business and competence development with pleasure and intellectual challenge.

We reach any place in Poland where the employees are accommodated. We use the hotel rooms and surroundings in order to create incredible and unpredictable game.

Offer for groups from 10 up to 100 participants.

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Our offer:

Solving the riddles

Escape room
The game starts in the hotel room or some other room.
On the site you will solve some puzzles in order to come up with a clue on where to move next

Playing detectives
During the game, participants will gather evidence and clues, some of this evidence will be sent to a portable device for a laboratory analysis. During the whole game we will be gathering evidence and then we will be analyzing it to solve the intrigue.

Escape the Room Game

Guarantee incredible experience to your employees
We divide employees into smaller teams and lock them in our rooms with the puzzles. They have 60 minutes to deal with the series of mysteries and solve the intrigue.

Puzzles with the wow effect
Mobile Escape Room is no different than the traditional one. We bring all the puzzles and install them in hotel rooms.

Increase your employees’ productivity and efficiency
While locked in the Escape Rooms, employees have to solve problems and puzzles to achieve their goals and eventually escape the rooms. They improve their effectiveness and cooperation in the teams.

It pays off to make business with us!

We return the favour
The person who books the game on behalf of the hotel or the company receives 400 PLN commission.

We are professionals
We take care of all the service, install and coordinate the whole game. The only thing we require is the hotel rooms – and after the game we leave them exactly like they were before.


  • We have equipment for three identical escape rooms. The maximum amount of players at the same time is 20.
  • The prices, duration and players:
    • Game for 10 – 20 participants. The gross price is 3500 PLN. Everyone plays at the same time and the game is 60 minutes long. Additional time for introduction and rules explanation is required, so the whole experience is 1,5 hours overall.
    • Game for 21 – 40 participants. The gross price is 5000 PLN. The game is organized in two rounds, each is 60 minutes long. Half of the players take part in the first round and second half in the last one. The whole experience is 3 hours overall.
    • Game for 40 – 60 participants. The gross price is 6500 PLN. The game is divided into three rounds. The whole experience is 4,5 hours overall.
    • Game for 61 – 80 participants. The gross price is 8000 PLN.The game is divided into three rounds. The whole experience is 6 hours overall.
    • Game for 81 – 100 participants. The gross price is 9500 PLN. The game is divided into three rounds. The whole experience is 7,5 hours overall.
  • The hotel should provide us with rooms located as close to each other as possible, the best scenario is all three next to each other, on one wall. If the game starts after 3 PM we arrive at the same day at 9 AM and install our equipment. The room must be empty and available. If the game starts before 3 PM we arrive a day before and arrange the rooms. The rooms must be available from 5 PM. Apart from the three escape rooms we also need another room on the same wall – our headquarters. It can be smaller than the rest. This is the place for our team, equipment, computer and monitoring. After the game is finished we need about 3 hours to clean the rooms. The payment for the rooms is on client’s side.
  • The person that makes the reservation for the Mobile Escape Room gets a 400 PLN commission as a thank-you gift. It can be either a company employee or a hotel employee recommending our services.

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Corporate retreat for 30 people in Sielanka Hotel in Warka on 30/11/2017. Recommendations: 666 16 52, Eliza Kurzepa

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