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The Black Cat Escape Room offers integration and team building activities. After the game you can chill out and relax on the 40 m^2 terrace with a stunning city panorama. The terrace is covered and heated, opened all-year long. We can offer food and drinks. The mysteries in escape rooms are not only an intellectual challenge, but also an exciting form of entertainment. The unique atmosphere not only favors team integration, helps to improve teamwork and decision-making under time pressure but also creates a bond and a feeling of mutual responsibility among coworkers.

Offer for groups up to 200 participants

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Our offer:

Escape Rooms

Guarantee incredible experience to your employees
We divide employees into smaller teams and lock them in our rooms with the puzzles. They have 60 minutes to deal with the series of mysteries and solve the intrigue.

Increase your employees’ productivity and efficiency
While locked in the Escape Rooms, employees have to solve problems and puzzles to achieve their goals and eventually escape the rooms. They improve their effectiveness and cooperation in the teams.

The terrace chill-out

Rest after fun
We offer a chill-out with proper drinks at the terrace. For our clients we also have discount coupons in restaurants nearby.

Marvel at Warsaw panorama
Our Escape Room is on the 14th floor and has a 40 sq meters terrace with a beautiful view to Warsaw.


  • We offer games in 5 escape rooms in one location for up to 30 participants at a time, we can also organize a game for 60 people in one location in two rounds. For example one group of 30 people begins at 19:00 and the second one at 20:30. We can organize games for up to 200 participants in the multiple locations at a time.
  • We are here for you from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM, every day!
  • The price per person is 35 PLN.
  • After the game we can organize a chill-out on our terrace for up to 18 people. The price is 500 PLN for 1,5 h, including coffee, tea and water. Additionally there is an option of ordering drinks and catering.
  • Every person that books at least 4 rooms for a company gets a voucher (value of 180 PLN, valid for 6 months) for any room.
  • You can pay with cash or by bank transfer before or after the game. We can issue invoices.
  • All of the puzzles and hints are in both english and polish versions.
  • If you have any wishes or suggestions concerning the game, please let us know

Want to organize a game outside Warsaw?

Check out our mobile escape room! Outgoing integration meetings.

Look how others had fun!

Honda Company Integration Meeting, 20.06.2017. 20 people, 4 escape rooms, chillout on roof terrace and catering.

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