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The Black Cat Escape Room is a perfect place for throwing a birthday or nameday party. We recommend it especially for the crime books, thriller-mystery films and adventure games fans. Our rooms are a real intellectual challenge, where you can feel the motivating time pressure and experience unforgettable fun.

We have 4 different escape rooms for players at any age (see details for more info) waiting for you. There is enough space for up to 30 people playing at the same time. Before or after the game we invite you to chill out in one of our event spaces – spend some quality time with your friends and family!

Offer for groups up to 30 people.

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Our offer:

Escape rooms

Four fantastic escape rooms
Up to 30 players can play simultaneously.

Rooms for the kids
Special rooms for different age groups, for players aged 8 or above. You can find the details below.

Birthday party

Party space
Our Escape Room has a big event space where you can throw your party. We encourage you to book the space and invite all of your friends.

Food and drinks
We can provide you with drinks and snacks for your party reservation.

hide gift

Hide gift
At your request we can hide a gift inside a room and make it a part of the plot, or prepare other features – we are open minded!


  • For players aged 8 or above we have 2 rooms: Nazi Gold and The Cursed Painting. The maximum amount of players in these rooms is 16. For players aged 13 or above we have 3 rooms: the ones mentioned before and additionally, The Murderer’s House. For players aged 16 or above we can offer 4 rooms: all of the above and the Sex Room. They can hold up to 30 players.
  • We are here for you from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM, every day.
  • After the game there is a possibility of organizing a party in our event space. There is enough space for up to 30 people. The price is 250 PLN for 30 minutes and 400 PLN for 1 hour. During this time guests can relax and eat any food and drinks brought by you. We won’t charge you for bringing cake or other sweets, we can even provide you with glasses and plates!
  • You can pay with cash or by bank transfer before or after the game. We can issue invoices.
  • All of the puzzles and hints are in both english and polish versions.
  • If you have any wishes or suggestions concerning the game, please let us know!

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