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We can organize your birthday or nameday in the way you’ll never forget. Surprise your beloved one and book one of our rooms, and we will impress you with creative puzzles and solutions. Bachelor or bachelorette party has to be flawlessly planned and organized? We’ll help you with every detail. We’ll take care of some treats and appropriate atmosphere for you to enjoy every moment. Choose the room that suits your preferences and mood the most, and we’ll do the rest.
We have a lot of experience and are prepared to organize your company events, jubilees, stag and hen parties, so we can provide you with the highest quality of our service. You can book all of the rooms and play in them simultaneously (up to 30 players). If there are more players (up to 60), you can always divide your group and play in two rounds. If there is even more of you – we are also prepared for that – we invite even 200 players. In that case we can organize a company retreat in a couple locations at the same time. Keep in mind that after the game and escaping you can lounge on our terrace and order catering (the terrace is opened all-year-round, heated and covered with a stunning panorama of Warsaw). We can also organize an event in a location of our choice. Mobile Escape Room is our new thing. Check us out! Company retreats and other events are our specialty.

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