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Escape Room Warsaw – The Black Cat Escape

Great adventure in real life! We offer you „live adventure” game, where you can become a part of an immersing story. Each one of our rooms is a different story, which takes players into an unusual journey, always full of thrill and excitement. Sometimes the game can be really intense and send shivers up your spine, so some of the rooms are recommended only for the bravest („Murderer’s House”). For 60 minutes you have to awake your creativity, intelligence and logical thinking, use your experience and gained knowledge to find the exit key.

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Room - Murderer’s House

Murderer’s House

Save the victim

Harsh and realistic

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You become detectives on hunt for the Long Island serial killer. Your task is to search through his house in order to find the last victim. Nerves of steel are required!

Room - Nazi Gold

Nazi Gold

Find the Nazi Gold

Feel the atmosphere of the war

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You become agents of the Internal Security Agency, who received orders to verify rumours about a Nazi bunker full of gold. The climate of the war is realistically depicted. For adventure and history fans.

Room - Sex Room

Sex Room

Enter the world of passion

Full of eroticism

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You become detectives, who received a job from a blackmailed client and have to break into the blackmailer’s apartment. Arousing atmosphere – a perfect room for couples or for bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Black Cat Escape - Pokój Zagadek - Dach

The Cursed Painting

Solve the mystery of disappearance

Painter’s workshop

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Marcus and Sara, a couple of painters from Parisian bohemia disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Search through their workshop and find out what happened.

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Organization of events

For companies in Warsaw

We organize trainings for your employees


Stag and hen parties

We organize stag and hen parties


Birthdays and namedays

We will help you organize your birthday party!


For companies, mobile Escape Room in Poland

We will come to you


School trip

Mix fun and studying in Escape room


Opening hours:

Mon – Sun

10:30 – 22:30


  • 2 people – ideal for couples120 zł/team
  • 3 people – the best experience140 zł/team
  • 4 people – teamwork160 zł/team
  • 5 people – the best price180 zł/team
  • 6 people – big group210 zł/team
  • 7 – 10 people – only Sex Room210 zł + 30 zł for every person above 6
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Great location

Our Escape room is located 10 minutes from the Metro Center station, in the Old Ochota, Jerozolimskie 155/77 street

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About us

Who I am?

From a young age I was passionate about adventure games. He is passionate about the URBEX – exploring abandoned factories, houses, military units.


Why Black Cat?

Because black cat is a dark, intriguing and intelligent postać.Idealny symbol of our Escape Roomu.Kot symbolizes the sun, the moon, witchcraft, devil, magic […]


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