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Black Cat

Witamy w Black Cat Escape Room.

We offer you exciting entertainment “live adventures”. We want to transform you for 60 minutes into a real hero of the game. We will intrigue you with great riddles and a plot to unravel. Certainly we will awake your emotions by the design of the world you will enter. Visit us – you’ll have a great time!

Try a fascinating game: “live adventure”

Become a hero, cope with puzzles, solve the plot.

Invite your partner for a date with lots of emotions

Come with your loved one to the charming world of adventure game live..

Come with your friends

We are in a great location – 10 minutes from the metro „Centrum”

Discover a new dimension of fun

Deep experience guaranteed by combining different areas of entertainment: film, computer games, literature and theatrical scenery.

Simple rules of a fascinating game

The Black Cat Escape Room is a new and fascinating fun of a type: “live room escape game”. The participants (1 to 5 persons) are locked in a specially prepared room and have 60 minutes to get away from it. To achieve this they have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles, they also have to find hidden objects.


klimatyczne, pełne wyzwań i doznań zmysłowych

Przygotowaliśmy dla was 4 niesamowite światy gry. Kliknij w zdjęcie pokoju lub przycisk “rezerwuj” aby dowiedzieć się więcej o fabule danej gry i dokonać rezerwacji.
House murderer

Free the victim

Brutal and realistic


Find Nazist gold

Faithfully devoted to climate war

Sex room

Enter the world of passionate orgy

Full of eroticism and decadence


Do not get yourself killed

Firmly gripping

Book your room

1. Choose peace and desired date, form of payment, time (a minimum of 5 hours before - otherwise the term is not available - the phone book)
2. Make a reservation
3. Come and have a great time
Only here drinkFor all guests water, coffee, tea gift
Bring a book, CD or vinyl audiobook - you replace it with a different from our collection

We are waiting for you everyday

Check the calendar and available space or call: 881 612 321

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri

12:30 - 23:00

Sat - Sun

09:30 - 23:00

Reasonable prices

  • 2 people - ideal for couples 120 zł/team
  • 3 people - the best experience140 zł/team
  • 4 people - teamwork 160 zł/team
  • 5 people - the best price 180 zł/team
  • 6 people - big group 210 zł/team
  • 7 - 10 people - the only room Sex Room. 240 zł - 7 persons, 270 zł - 8 persons, 300 zł - 9 persons, 330 zł - 10 people
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Świetna lokalizacja

Our restaurant is located 10 minutes from the metro center on the Old Ochota, street Jerozolimskie 155/77

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Place photos

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The only such escape room in Poland

Only one in Poland Escape Room on the roof

Our restaurant is located on the 14th floor of the open space. Room "roof - do not let the kill" is the only escape room in the open space, which offers a beautiful panorama of the city

Excellent location

Local is located on the old Ochota - 10 minutes by train from downtown. You will arrive to us in many ways. See the "contact" tab

Reasonable prices

The prices depend on the number of people in the group. The larger the group, the price per person is lower. We want to provide excellent entertainment for a reasonable fee, similar to the price of a cinema ticket

The unique climate

When creating puzzles working scientists and electronics engineers. The rooms have created a set designers film. The climate is unique

Make a gift

Buy a voucher for the people you love to celebrate her feast or book a birthday trip to the room's Escape. Fantastic excitement guaranteed

Varied game worlds

Do you get scared? - Select the room of the crime. You are passionate stories about hidden treasures? - Select bunker. Do you want to indulge in passions? - Select the sex room. You are not afraid to face death? - Select the roof.

They already know why you should come to us

Organization of events

Organize a party at the Black Cat! We organize events for up to 20 people. You can choose 2 options. Same fun Escape Roomach package or extended time to chill with catering. See more!

About us

Who I am?

From a young age I was passionate about adventure games. He is passionate about the URBEX - exploring abandoned factories, houses, military units.


Why Black Cat?

Because black cat is a dark, intriguing and intelligent postać.Idealny symbol of our Escape Roomu.Kot symbolizes the sun, the moon, witchcraft, devil, magic [...]


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